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Evening Sermon Series


Gears that aren’t moving, are gears that are not doing their job correctly.  The intricate layout may look nice, but they are not living up to their potential unless they are moving and working.

Our Christian life is very similar. It is important to know about what we believe. To understand who Jesus is, what He did – to gain knowledge on aspects of theology and the way we’re suppose to place things into our lives.

But none of that lives up to any kind of potential until it is all put in motion. Faith in action is what we need to actually live a Christian life.  At the end of his Gospel John gives a reason for him writing the story of Jesus.

“These have been written, that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that believing, you may have life in His name” [John 20:31]

gears in motionMany Christians know that Jesus is the Christ… that He is the Son of God – but it goes further than that… it says that because we believe then we need to set those gears in motion… and have life in His name.

Join us over term 3 in the evening services as we take a look at what it means to have Jesus turning the gears in our life, and how we need to interact with Him.