26 Silver St, Deception Bay, Qld Sundays, 9:30am and 5:30pm | Wednesday, 9:00am


What do you do at your services?

Each service is led by someone who guides us through a time of contemporary music, Bible reading, prayer and relevant teaching. We often include a hymn in with the music set. Each service lasts for about 1¼ hours.

Do I have to dress in a certain way?

No, we are a contemporary church with most people dressing casually.

Will I have to read out loud or stand up in front of anyone?

No, you will not be asked to do anything that you are not comfortable with. In fact, many people come and go without any individual input into the service at all. We tend to stand when we sing, but remain seated for the remainder of the service.

Is it okay to bring my children into the worship service?

Children and young people are an important part of our church family. We have special programs for children and young people. You’ll find them mentioned on their specific page of the website. We hope that families who begin to attend our church will come to appreciate the value of their children developing close friendships with their peers in the context of the local church.

Does your church have people from different groups?

We live in a very diverse community, and want our church to reflect that diversity. In fact it is our desire to see our church as a haven of hope for all people, serving our community individually and organizationally in relevant ways.

How long has dBay Baptist existed?

dBay Baptist finds its beginnings in a monthly house church meeting in 1952, until a building from Margate was re-erected on the present property where the first service was held on the first Sunday in September, 1959. So, as you can see, the church has a long period of involvement in the community. The Deception Bay Baptist Church was officially constituted on 4th July 1965. Over the years the ministry of Deception Bay Baptist has ebbed and flowed, but continues to fulfil its purpose in this region.

What Bible version do you use?

We use many Bible versions, yet we probably lean towards the New International Version (NIV).

Will I be expected to give money?

Our main source of income is provided by the generous gifts of its members, so we collect an offering during our services. This is called a ‘freewill’ offering so there is no compulsion on your part to give at all, and we wouldn’t expect it of those who are new to the church.

Who leads the church?

Our church operates under a congregational style of government, so even though direction is provided by our pastors, elders and deacons – all operating in their area of gifting and skill – final authority for decisions rests with the formal membership of the church.

Do you have anything for children and youth?

Yes, we value our children and young people highly, believing that they are not just the church of tomorrow, but we appreciate the involvement as part of our church today. We have a number of activities and groups structured for specific age groups from the youngest through to the oldest. Check out our LIFE page, or call the office (32041311) for more information.

Do you marry people from outside your church?

Yes, we see marriage as God’s plan for relationships and are keen to ensure that couples are provided with a great platform for their future together. For that reason, we provide pre-marital preparation through the PREPARE-ENRICH program. (http://www.prepare-enrich.com.au). We have chosen to limit the weddings we conduct to people who attend our church. This is primarily because of the time constraints due to the demand of our church ministry.